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Supporting APPs Over The Air

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Our Awesome Features

Sappota helps enterprises to manage their internal mobile apps in ways that are simple thereby reducing time and effort. With Sappota you will have an easy to use Mobile Device Manager also bundled with an innovative Mobile Apps and Files Management Module. Here are some of our exciting features,
  • Managed Mobile Devices

    You can manage all your enterprise devices with a single dashboard. Makes it very simple and effortless to use.

  • Enterprise App Management

    An enterprise app management solution to manage all your enterprise apps and app updates. Updating your app across devices is as easy as clicking a button.

  • Lock and Unlock

    Remotely lock and unlock your devices with a configurable passcode that increases security and helps you to have control over your enterprise devices.

  • Kiosk Mode

    Put your devices into Kiosk Mode where only your app is accessible on your device. Your users/employees can save a lot of time by using just your app.

  • Push, Install and Update Apps

    You can now be the master of all installs and updates. Search and Filter Devices and install and update apps across your devices.

  • Push Files and Get Location

    Pushing Text, Config or Media Files to your devices is now a breeze and you can also easily get to know the location of your devices.

  • Restrict and Unrestrict Apps

    You have the power and control to manage app access across your enterprise devices. Remotely block or unblock apps using your dashboard on the cloud.

  • SD Card File Manager

    Sappota has an interesting feature that helps you manage the SD Card of your devices remotely including features like upload files, delete folders and files etc.

We are in closed beta right now!